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Avoid Disruption and Save Money with Horizontal Drilling

Horizontal directional boring enables Jones Excavating & Plumbing to perform trenchless underground installations with minimal disruption to surfaces and above ground activity. Whether it be a half-inch pipe, or six-inch pipe, we can complete installation with less disruption to your sidewalk, landscape, road, or parking lot.  In addition to traditional surface areas, our equipment can be used to lay utilities under ditches, creeks, or ponds.  The technology in our tools allows this process to be completed in a safe and predictable manner. ‘

Horizontal Bore Drilling is Ideal for:

  • Installing water, sewer, gas, or electric

  • Boring under sidewalks, landscaping, roads, parking lots, pole barns, or water crossings

  • Preserving above ground environmental conditions

  • Drilling through a variety of soil conditions

horizontal drilling.jpg

Save time and money.

Horizontally boring under the ground allows Jones Excavating & Plumbing to bypass many different above ground obstacles that would otherwise be costly or impossible to repair. 

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