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Loveland Sewer Lines - Replacement, Repair, & Installation


Loveland is a known vacation destination in the heart of northern Colorado. This “Gateway to the Rockies” maintains a small-town charm and provides easy access to the bustling cities of Denver, Fort Collins, and Boulder. Loveland is a great place to lay down roots due to its family-friendly nature and employment opportunities. The city boasts great public schools, outdoor recreation, and a location at the heart of the “Colorado Higher Education Triangle” that includes these three universities:

  • University of Northern Colorado

  • Colorado State University

  • University of Colorado at Boulder


Educated workers pour out of these institutions finding Loveland an excellent place to start their careers and many residents of Loveland find work at these three universities. There are also plenty of employment opportunities from leading agricultural, education, medical, and technology sectors.


Anyone living or working in Loveland searching for sewer line services can rely on Jones Excavating and Plumbing. This family-owned company was Voted #1 in Loveland and has served Northern Colorado with quality excavation and plumbing services since 1958. They offer a variety of water and sewer pipe services to homeowners, business owners, city engineers, and building developers in the area.


Available Sewer Line Services


When water and sewer lines are backed up, cracked, corroded, or otherwise damaged, it can cause extensive damage to any property in Loveland. Jones Excavating and Plumbing provides trusted sewer line services including:

  • Sewer Video Scope Inspections

  • Sewer Line Repairs

  • Sewer Line Replacements

  • Sewer Line Installations

  • Trenchless Sewer Line Technology


Learn more about these services below before getting started with the expert plumbers at Jones.


Sewer Video Scope Inspection & Sewer Line Repair


Older sewer pipes are prone to failure and even newer lines could be damaged prematurely due to cracks, misaligned connections, or tree roots. If the line fails, homeowners and business owners will have to deal with extensive repair costs and the potential of additional repairs such as wall replacement, carpet replacement, and foundation repair. Preventative maintenance is key in saving both time and money.


Homeowners and property owners will often need to start with a sewer line inspection to determine the condition of their sewer line and to diagnose any issues Jones Excavating and Plumbing offers sewer camera inspection services that allow them to detect signs of leakage in sewer lines or piping that are too deep to reach with standard

equipment. This video scope allows them to determine the exact location and cause of leaks and provide an accurate diagnosis of the exact issue.


Jones Excavating and Plumbing will do the work to find the right repair and will perform any fix in a timely and cost-effective manner!


Signs that Homeowners Need a New Sewer Line


Sometimes a sewer line may be simply too old or too far gone. This is when the time comes for a new sewer line. Some signs that it might be time for a replacement include the following:

  • High Water/Sewer Bills

  • Frequent drain clogs

  • Odor coming from the drain

  • Low Water Pressure

  • Water Running even when turned off

  • Slow-draining shower, sink, or tub

  • Drain clogs in multiple areas of the home

  • Gurgling sink or shower drains

  • Pipe Bursting


If one or more of the things on this list is occurring, it might be time for a sewer line replacement with the help of the experts at Jones Excavating and Plumbing.


Sewer Line Replacement


The Loveland area plumbing technicians can handle a sewer line replacement efficiently and affordably. Historically, the traditional method of repair required costly excavating to remove old piping and install new. Jones Excavating and Plumbing uses the latest technologies and materials to provide multiple methods for replacing underground sewer and drain pipe in a less invasive way.


Go Trenchless with New Sewer Line Technology


Trenchless sewer line technology is a groundbreaking development that offers more effective and less invasive options for replacing a sewer line. They are quicker to perform, have minimal impact on yards, require no digging, require no heavy equipment, and are longer lasting. Jones Excavating and Plumbing offers two techniques for trenchless sewer lines in Loveland: Pipe-Pulling and Pipe Relining.


Pipe-Pulling or Pipe-Bursting was named because the new pipe will be pulled through the old pipe’s location. This method only requires small access holes. During the process, the old and damaged pipe will be broken up. The benefits of Pipe-Pulling are as follows:

  • Less invasive

  • Efficient

  • Effective

  • Long-lasting

  • Cost-effective


The second trenchless method is called Pipe Relining and only requires a single access point for entering the damaged or old pipe. In the end, a single piece of epoxy pipe will fully replace an old sewer line and it can last for at least 50 years. Future problems are also prevented with this type of pipe because of the lack of joints, seams, and connections. Benefits to this method include:

  • Single access point

  • Extended life of pipes

  • Prevention of future root

  • Stops leaks

  • Strengthens old pipes

  • Quick repair time


Get a Free Estimate on Plumbing Services in Loveland


Contact Jones Excavating and Plumbing for a free estimate on a sewer line replacement, inspection, or other plumbing or excavating service for a home, business, or other property in the Loveland or Northern Colorado area. They are a trusted source for modern, efficient, and professional services including:

  • Sewer Video Inspection

  • Bathroom & Kitchen Plumbing

  • Leak Detection & Repair

  • Hot Water Heaters

  • Clogged Drains

  • Underground Utilities

  • Horse & Livestock Waterers

  • Irrigation Systems

  • And Much More!

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