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5 Signs of Sewer Line Issues

5 Signs That a Home Has a Sewer Line Issue

Out of all of the things that can happen to a homeowner, having plumbing issues in their Loveland home is probably one of the worst things that there is. This is especially true if the problem turns out to be that some sewer line repair for the Loveland home is needed.

This is because the sewer system of a house is something that is responsible for the functioning of many vital systems throughout the home. For example, the toilet, kitchen sink, shower, and much more are all plumbing services in a Loveland home that are controlled by its sewer system. Therefore, if it ever develops an issue, then it can put major portions of the house out of commission.

Luckily, there are several companies that offer sewer line replacement in Loveland so the homeowner can get their house back on track in no time at all if an issue does arise. But in order to request the professional help that is needed, the homeowner first needs to learn how to identify that there is an issue with the home’s sewer line. Luckily, there are a few telltale signs that this is the case. Here are five signs that indicate that there is an underlying issue with a home’s sewer line system.

There Is a Strong and Unpleasant Smell

Every home can occasionally smell at one point or another. However, the type of smell that occurs when the sewer system is in dire need of repair is much worse than any other smell that could occur. If the homeowner ever notices that their basement, backyard, or any other part of their property smells very strongly of sewage, then this is not a good sign.

Under normal conditions, a home’s sewer system should be able to completely contain the smell of the sewage moving through its pipes. However, once the system has experienced a lot of wear and tear, it loses its ability to efficiently hide the incredibly unpleasant smell. So any strong and unpleasant smells coming from any part of the property should be preceded by a phone call to a qualified sewer line repair company in Loveland.

The Amount of Toilet Water Constantly Changes

Most people do not pay too much attention to the inside of their toilet bowl, and for good reason. However, it is always a good idea for someone to take a quick glance in their toilet before going to the bathroom to ensure that everything looks as it is supposed to. This is because another sign that there is a potential sewer issue in the home is the amount of water that is in the toilet bowl.

Every homeowner has a rough idea of how much water is normally in the bowl. Therefore, if they ever noticed that it happens to be significantly less one time, then this is a likely sign that there is some sort of issue.

If they are lucky, it might just be an issue that there is a clogged toilet. However, the worse explanation is that the clog is not just in the toilet but is further into the sewer system, which is much more serious. This is because an unattended clog in a home sewer system could easily result in the entire thing backing up, which is not something that anyone wants to deal with.

If they happen to notice that the level of water within the toilet bowl is fluctuating between normal and not normal over a period of a couple of days, then this often points towards a major clog in the sewer system that will need professional assistance in order to get rid of it.

Unusual Puddles In the Yard / Dark Green Spots

Anyone who has been living in the same home for at least a full year will know the usual places that puddles might gather in their yard. Therefore, if any begin to form somewhere new, then they should be able to recognize that there is something unusual about these puddles. Those areas will likely also appear to be darker green than the surrounding area. This is important to notice because having an unexpectedly wet yard is a good indicator that there is a sewage leak somewhere on their property. The leak is likely directly below wherever these puddles are forming, so it is a good idea to take note of where these puddles are so that they can inform the plumber when they arrive.

If there are unusual puddles forming in the yard that are due to a sewage leak, then they should give off some pretty distinctive smells that will help the homeowner figure out whether it is a normal puddle or not. Therefore, if they happen to notice an unusual puddle that they then get up close to and still can't detect any unpleasant smells, then this may just be a false alarm. But if they get close enough to the puddle and are hit with a strong scent of sewage, then they need to get professional help as soon as possible before their entire yard floods.

Unexpectedly High Water Bill

After a few months of living in the same place, a homeowner will have a good idea of what their average water bill costs. Therefore, as soon as the bill starts climbing, they should take notice of this. A slightly higher water bill is not automatically a sign that there is an issue with the sewer system. However, if they take action to try and lower the water bill, such as shortening showers and doing laundry less often, but the bill continues to rise, then this points to a bigger issue.

If there is a leak somewhere in the home’s sewer system, then this could explain the unexpected rise in the water bill. As the water escapes from the sewer line, this system tries to pump more in to make up for it, which results in higher water costs. The problem is only likely going to get bigger the longer that it is put off, which is why it is always a good idea to get it fixed as soon as they think that there might be an issue.

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