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Basic Household Plumbing in Loveland that Homeowners Can Learn

Homeowners will want to be sure to familiarize themselves with the basics so that they can help their local excavating contractors in Loveland deal with any issue that may come up as quickly and affordably as possible.

Get the Pressure Tested

When it comes to testing the pressure, there are two options. Those who are subscribed to an urban source can call up the utility company and ask for a pressure test, or homeowners can simply purchase a kit at a minimal cost from a local hardware store and test the pressure themselves.

Ultimately, all that really matters is that the test is done. The results should indicate at about 80 pounds per square inch of pressure, as this is the norm for the basic household. If not, it might be a good idea to adjust it as described in the following point or call in some specialized local plumbing services to help out.

Learn How to Adjust the Pressure

In addition to getting a reading, homeowners should also know and understand how to adjust their pressure if need be. Keep in mind that this is a two-person job, and there is a potential to cause damage here, so anybody who is uncomfortable with this should call up some qualified plumbing services in Loveland to help out instead.

First, locate the municipal pressure regulator, which will be found somewhere on the line between the home and the main supply. Sometimes, the regulator is located near the main cut-off valve, or sometimes it can be found closer to the street where the household supply is attached to the main.

The cover is usually secured in some way, and underneath, there will be an easy-to-turn nut, bolt, or wingnut configuration. Cautiously turn it clockwise to increase the pressure, and have somebody running a tap and monitoring the pressure level indoors to simultaneously test it. To decrease the pressure, turn the bolt slowly counterclockwise.

Periodically Check the Pipes for Leaks

Hidden leaks can be an incredibly costly source of foundational damage to the home. They can do a wide range of harm, including rotting out wooden support beams, damaging drywall, and destroying carpets and flooring. Needless to say, the sooner that leaks are identified, the better chance that an expert in water heater replacement in Loveland will have of nipping the issue in the bud before it is too late.

One of the easiest ways to spot a problem before it becomes serious is to perform regular leak checks. Choose a time when there will be no need to use your utilities for about 15 minutes, if not more, and tightly shut off all outdoor and indoor spigots. Now check and record the numbers on the meter. Now return at the 15-minute set-mark, or later, and write down the numbers again. They should be the same as the first recording.

If not, call up some plumbing services in Loveland immediately because there is a good chance there is a leak. Of course, if a leak is suspected, don’t wait to perform this test to call. The sooner the problem is addressed, the better.

Learn How to Tighten the Toilet Seat

Anybody who has ever sat on a toilet with a loose seat knows how irritating this pesky problem could be. The thing is that this should never really be an issue because toilet seats are incredibly easy to tighten and replace.

The area between the bowl and the tank where the toilet seat is attached will contain two large bolts, which will probably be covered over to match the color of the toilet. Just pull up the covers and turn the bolts clockwise to tighten them, or turn them counterclockwise to loosen them to replace the seat. Sometimes the bolts will fasten underneath as well, so there might be a need to reach under the rim and stabilize the attached components.

Know-How to Properly Plunge a Toilet

Toilet clogs are one of those things that just happen, and it is unlikely that a homeowner will get by never having to deal with this type of situation. As unpleasant as they are to think about, they often are a pretty easy fix when homeowners know how to use proper plunging techniques to clear the pipes.

The first thing to have is a good-quality toilet plunger. A small-size sink plunger won’t cut it, and the longer the flange and higher the hood, the better. Plungers work by blocking the pipe opening and creating a suction pressure that unclogs the pipe. As such, there will need to be enough liquid in the bowl to cover the rubber plunger top. If not, avoid the temptation to flush. Rather, use a pot or bucket to pour from another source.

Now place the plunger so the opening is covering the hole at the bottom of the toilet. Push down to collapse the plunger, and then pull back up. At this point, the plunger shouldn’t come loose as long as the suction has been secured. Continue with this back-and-forth motion, making sure to maintain continual contact with the bottom of the bowl.

When the clog clears, the toilet will naturally start to flush. Once this happens, the issue should be solved. Rinse the plunger and put it away. However, do keep in mind that in some situations, a regular plunger won’t cut it. Rather than trying to flush through a stubborn clog, call up a specialist in water heater replacement in Loveland instead.

Trying to flush a clogged toilet can easily lead to flooding and overflows, which is certainly a situation that nobody wants to deal with.

The Takeaway

When homeowners know some simple plumbing basics, they will be much more prepared to work hand-in-hand with their local specialist in plumbing in Loveland to address any problems that might arise as quickly and efficiently as possible.

However, anybody who suspects a problem should never wait to reach out to their local excavating contractors in Loveland as soon as possible. Having a little basic know-how doesn’t hurt, but any type of serious job should always be left in the hands of the experts, so don’t hesitate to call them up to find out more.

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