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Five Home Renovations You Don’t Want to Put Off

When it comes to home renovations, many people take years to accomplish some of the projects on their list. For minor repairs or renovations that are mostly about interior design, such as installing new kitchen cabinets, putting in hardwood floors, or painting some walls, putting it off isn’t the end of the world. In fact, with certain projects, it can be beneficial to be patient and take the time to ensure that the end result is exactly the way homeowners envisioned it. However, in some situations, it can actually be dangerous to put off renovations or repairs. Here are five fixes that need to be made right away to avoid further problems.

Water Damage

Water damage can occur when homeowners least expect it and can be the result of flooding or leaky pipes. It’s very important that homeowners always remain alert for signs of water damage, and that if they do spot any potential problems, they call an expert right away. If water damage is left unchecked, it can result in mold growing within the home, which in turn can cause a variety of health problems including allergies, asthma, and frequent headaches, among more serious issues. Sometimes water damage and mold can actually occur inside the walls of a home, meaning that it is not always visible to the naked eye. Unusual smells or the appearance of health symptoms can sometimes give this type of problem away. There are many different classes of water damage, but regardless of how bad the problem is or what’s causing it the best course of action is to have repairs done immediately. This may involve unexpected renovations in cases where finishes like carpeted floors become wet; it will have to be removed and replaced with new flooring.

New Pipes

New pipes can actually go hand-in-hand with water damage because sometimes a leaky pipe is the root cause. In cases like this, fixing the damage that has already occurred will not be enough — the source of the leak needs to be fixed as well. Putting in new pipes will prevent future problems from arising, so calling a professional with expertise in plumbing services in Loveland can help homeowners to stop stressing. Getting new pipes as soon as an issue is spotted will often save homeowners money in the long run because the longer the repairs are put off, the worse the damage will get — and the more expensive any fixes will be. A quick, easy, cheaper fix is much more likely if an expert is called right away.


Improving the insulation in a home’s windows and doors can be extremely beneficial. These types of renovations help to make a house more eco-friendly and sustainable. Without proper insulation, a lot of heat escapes through windows and doors in the winter, and cold air escapes during the summer. This means that any homeowners who do not have high-quality insulation will end up wasting energy on heating and air conditioning, as well as spending more money. It is better to spend money in the short term on good insulation so one can save in the years to come. The sooner this type of renovation can be completed the better, both for homeowners and for the environment.

Hot-Water Tank Replacement

Having a broken hot-water tank can be a real problem, especially during the winter. No one wants to have to take cold showers for an extended period of time, so it is extremely important that water heater replacement in Loveland is prioritized as soon as homeowners are aware. In fact, sometimes homeowners may be able to spot a problem before the hot-water tank stops working entirely. This is ideal because if homeowners call for plumbing in Loveland while the hot-water tank is still functioning, it won’t be as much of a nuisance if they aren’t able to get an appointment right away. A few signs to look for are strange noises, inconsistent water temperature, rusty water, or leaks. If the hot-water tank is an older unit, it is more likely that it will need to be replaced sooner rather than later.


When excavation is involved, it’s usually a pretty big project, so it’s easier to be proactive and get started as soon as possible. Calling excavating contractors in Loveland will help homeowners to get a variety of projects accomplished. Whether it’s digging for a sewer, breaking ground for a new swimming pool, or installing underground pipes, these professionals will be able to help. They will determine important information such as soil type and will be able to accomplish the required work safely and effectively by taking any necessary precautions.

No two home renovations or repairs are alike, and it’s important to distinguish between long-term projects and fixes that need to be made right away. There are some types of work that homeowners should never delay, and this type of project is not limited to the specific examples listed above. Whenever delaying a repair will result in a risk of further damage, it’s important to call a professional immediately. If the problem causes significant inconvenience, as in the case of hot-water tank repairs, that’s another sign that it should be dealt with promptly. Finally, if the renovation will likely require more time, energy and money the longer it is delayed, then it should be completed as soon as possible. If homeowners follow these guidelines it will help them to ensure that their house remains safe and in fantastic shape. This means more time, energy, and money to make plans for the more aesthetic home renovations that they have in mind.

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