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Here’s Why Horizontal Directional Drilling is Often a Superior Solution

The best excavating contractors in Loveland will use an innovative technique called horizontal directional drilling to bore a hole for a well, pipe installation, septic tank, or any other applicable excavation job. Horizontal directional drilling is unique in that it mobilizes pressurized water and vacuum technology to drill in a non-vertical direction.

This cutting-edge drilling technique, which is done with the help of a specialized type of equipment called a directional rig, is a highly-coveted alternative to traditional drilling techniques in that it allows for extensive underground drilling with minimal interference in the landscape above-ground. Not only that: it also allows for better accuracy and more predictable results in terms of the finished product while allowing for more flexibility in terms of where the pipe is placed as well.

Since the above-ground disturbance is so minimal, there is rarely a need to deal with many of the most common inconveniences that come with traditional ‘open cut’ drilling techniques like road closure, landscape destruction, and hiring large crews of workers to handle the job. As such, it is always a good idea to seek out plumbers in Loveland who can provide horizontal directional drilling for that home or commercial drilling project.

Some Major Benefits of Horizontal Directional Drilling

1. The Materials Used Boast Greater Durability

Not only are the materials used by experts in plumbing in Loveland who specialize in this advanced technique incredibly durable and long-lasting, but the fact that horizontal directional drilling allows for more accurate pipe placement means that there is much less risk of premature damage later down the line.

In some instances, like installation projects that run under rivers or driveways, opting to work with plumbing services in Loveland that specialize in horizontal directional drilling can help increase the natural lifespan of the pipes by 50 to 70 percent. The reasoning here is actually quite simple: since horizontal directional drilling provides an easy and effective way to drill deeper with minimal interference, the pipes will not be subject to the increased wear-and-tear that they usually experience in these types of heavily-trafficked areas.

2. Get That Project Finished Faster

Nobody loves a long-drawn-out excavation project, and one of the great things about horizontal directional drilling is that it is a much more quick and efficient way to drill than the alternative open-cut method. This is because this sophisticated technique allows excavating contractors in Loveland to do the same job with a fraction of the drilling. Rather than having to dig down first and then horizontally second, they only have to worry about drilling horizontally.

Not to mention that the clean-up is a whole lot quicker too. There is much less dirt to replace into the hole and less extra soil to have to remove from the site. This added efficiency, in turn, translates to big cost savings all around. Talk about making things easier!

3. Save Money

Speaking of cost savings, the efficiency of the process isn’t the only way that those requiring plumbing services in Loveland can save big when they opt to work with a company that provides horizontal directional drilling services.

Since the technique behind horizontal directional drilling is so simple and effective, it requires fewer people to be on hand to complete the job. In addition, there is no need to shell out for costly heavy equipment rentals like backhoes. Indeed, horizontal directional drilling is more cost-effective than traditional open-cut methods in literally almost every way.

4. Minimize Disruption to the Surrounding Landscape

There are few homeowners or commercial business owners who wouldn’t be happy to hear that horizontal directional drilling is going to disrupt the surrounding landscape far less than more traditional methods.

Not only is the soil displacement itself minimal, but there is no need to dig the entire length of the underground plumbing in Loveland. This means that the entry point needs only to be at the start of the pipeline, and land above the remainder of the pipe can remain fully intact.

For many people who chose to work with traditional excavating contractors in Loveland, once the plumbing in Loveland is finished, the huge job of having to replace a significant portion of the landscape only begins. Horizontal directional drilling entails less cleanup and less unsightly blights on the landscape to have to deal with after the job is done.

5. Less Chance of Having to Deal with a Hitch

Soil contamination and permit issues are two pesky issues that can add big costs when completing a project dealing with underground plumbing in Loveland.

Thankfully, horizontal directional drilling reduces the chances that there will be any type of hitch. Firstly, it works by pushing the soil to the side of the drill hole rather than bringing it up to the open air at the surface. This, in turn, means that the soil is much less likely to become contaminated or cause premature damage to the pipes later down the line.

Secondly, minimal landscape disturbance also means less need to obtain costly permits, or worse, end up unknowingly violating a code and having to pay a steep fine.

The Takeaway

Put shortly, horizontal directional drilling is superior to traditional open-cut drilling methods in almost any way. Not only is it a significantly cleaner, more reliable process, but it is also a much more cost-effective method.

Those who choose to work with a specialist in water heater replacement in Loveland who can provide cutting-edge horizontal directional drilling services will not only be able to enjoy greater freedom and flexibility in terms of where they place their pipes but will also significantly minimize the risk of all-too-common costly hitches like permit issues, soil contamination, and premature wear and tear later down the line.

So when it comes to finding the best-excavating services in Loveland, it is always worth it to seek out those highly trained professionals who rise above and beyond the competition by offering advanced horizontal drilling technology.

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