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Pool of Dreams

The Pool of Your Dreams

The prospect of having a pool can be a dreamy idea, especially when it comes to brainstorming about what style or design will be added to the blueprint. Dreaming about sprawling out in the sun beside a gorgeous paradise in one's own backyard is one thing, but the process is another. That dream can never be a reality until steps are taken toward building whichever pool meets a person’s desires. So, how does this process begin? The steps that follow will take any poolside dreamer through what is necessary to bring their oasis to life.


Before beginning the building process, excavating contractors in Loveland will want to meet with the customer to determine what style of pool is wanted, and is feasible depending on the size and layout of the backyard space.


Next, excavating contractors will obtain all necessary permits and approvals needed in Loveland. This step is absolutely necessary to complete before building any project.


Once plans are approved, form boards will be placed to outline the exact location of where the pool will be built.


Small skid-steer front end loaders will most likely be used to carefully dig out the walls of the pool. This step takes precision and skill from experienced excavating contractors in Loveland.

Placing of Steel Bars

The pool shell will then be reinforced with steel rebar.

Rough Plumbing

Immediately following steel bar installation, plumbing such as main drains, light niches, skimmers, return line “stubs”, and pre-plumbing of raised spas will be completed.

Floor and Walls

The concrete pool floor will then be laid. Gunite, a mixture of sand and cement, will be used to form the walls of the pool.

Decorative Tile

After the basic construction of the pool is finished, decorative tile or pool liner of the customer’s choice will be installed on the pool floor and walls.


The remainder of necessary plumbing will be installed at this stage of the building process. Filtration equipment such as water feature pumps will be plumbed as well.

Gas and Electric

A licensed electrician or utility specialist will complete this stage of the process. Conduits for pool lighting, and pool equipment will be run, a breaker box will be installed, and gas lines to pool heaters will be installed.


The deck will be installed using whatever color and style of stone, brick, or tile that the customer chooses. This is both decorative, and functional as it forms the area for which pool chairs can be placed. It should also provide a slip-resistant surface along with comfort.

Cleanup and Finish

All construction materials and waste will be removed, and the pool interior will be cleaned in preparation for finishing. The interior walls and floor of the pool will be finished with a coating of the customers choice of style and material.

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