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Sewage Line Issues And Replacement Solutions

The first signs of trouble might be small – a bubbling drain or a frequently clogging sink. You’ll probably run through a few rounds of over-the-counter solvents before feeling stumped and unsure of what to do next. However, these small inconveniences could be indicators of a much larger problem.

All drains –– from your sink to your shower to your toilet –– lead into a main sewage line. If you’re experiencing frequent clogs, back-ups, slow drains, or gnats, you might have yourself a blocked or cracked sewer pipe. While you can find how-to blogs and video tutorials, dealing with an old or faulty sewage line is not an easy fix and can have serious consequences if done improperly. Check out this guide for the signs that your main sewage line needs some care, potential solutions, and why you should never fly solo on these major plumbing and excavation projects.

Causes of Sewage Line Issues

While most sewage lines can hold up for twenty years, these pipes can be compromised under certain conditions. Main sewage lines will leak if they are not installed properly, and there is a misalignment in the connections or if a nearby tree’s roots grow into, and crack, pipes. Flushing inorganic material or feminine hygiene products cause back-ups and clogs that might make wastewater impassible. When these issues arise, they’re bound to worsen rather than resolve on their own.

Signs of Sewage Line Damage

There are a few signs that should set off alarm bells when you first begin to observe them. When you notice that multiple drains in your home are slow to clear out water or gurgle wastewater, these could indicate a more significant issue. You might also notice foul smells coming from your sink or low water pressure from the faucet – all of these point to an issue with clogging or a back-up. The challenge is to determine if these are isolated instances or a more extensive problem.

The first line of defense to try is using a home remedy like a vinegar and baking soda concoction or store-bought drain cleaner. These solutions typically work to clear local clogs due to the build-up of organic matter like hair or food. However, if you’re on round three using these methods and this is happening in multiple locations, you likely have a clogged main sewage line.

Another frequent – yet severe – problem that can occur in your main sewage line is a leak. A leak of sewage water into the ground is, at the least, embarrassing and, at its worst, dangerous. An early sign to look for is any unexpected increases in your water bill. You’ll probably notice and want to fix this right away, and it could be due to a leak in the main sewage pipe or corroded pipes. Your system might be pumping double-time to deliver you the water you’re used to using.

An immediate warning sign of leaking wastewater is if patches in your yard, especially near the sewage system, are greener than other areas. Since leaking sewage includes fecal waste with fertilizing properties, your yard will respond to the extra nutrients. If you notice sewage water pooling anywhere in your yard, it’s best to call a professional immediately. Exposed wastewater can spread diseases like E.coli to your family and your neighbors.

Don’t Go It Alone

If you’re experiencing any of these household issues, we recommend biting the bullet and hiring a professional. Since so many of the problems appear to be minor, they can be easy to ignore or tempting to fix yourself. However, if you don’t identify the larger issue at hand, you’ll apply partial solutions that waste money and allow the problem to fester.

Even if you’re confident you have an issue with your main sewage line, it’s still best to hire a plumbing service. Unclogging a main sewage line or repairing a broken pipe is challenging for even the handiest at-home repairmen. You would have to find your main clean-out and rent a sewer drain snake. Improper use of a sewer drain snake can result in greater damage to your pipes and make your initial problem even worse. Instead, you’ll save time and money by contracting with a professional that can efficiently identify and fix the main issue.

Sewage Line Replacement Solutions

When you do reach out to your local plumber, they’ll first want to investigate the problem to get at its root. Plumbing services like Jones Excavating & Plumbing will conduct a sewer camera inspection to have a full understanding of the issue, where it’s located, and the resources it will require.

If your home is suffering from a burst or corroded pipe, you’ll need an excavation team to replace it for you. While the term “excavation” sounds like it will be expensive and tear up your lawn, modern advancements in plumbing have made this process incredibly smooth and less invasive. With a firm like Jones Excavating & Plumbing, their expert technicians can fix your plumbing issues with their trenchless “no-dig” techniques.

There are two no-dig methods, known as pipe-bursting and pipe-relining. In the pipe-bursting solution, an excavation service only needs to create two small holes. During this process, the team breaks up the old damaged pipe by pulling through a new pipe. This leaves you with a brand-new pipe that will last a generation and all without damaging your lawn.

The pipe-relining method only requires a single access point, making it even less invasive. A strong epoxy is sent down the old pipe, and lines it with a new, super durable interior. This method will prevent tree roots from cracking your pipes and stop any leaks. A pipe-relining from Jones Excavating & Plumbing guarantees a lifespan of at least fifty years.

Find a Trusted Professional

A burst or clogged sewage line is stressful for any family and impacts daily life. This is why it’s crucial to find an excavation and plumbing professional that you can trust throughout the process. By choosing Jones Excavation and Plumbing services, you’ll be in the hands of trained professionals that can tackle any problem and remain transparent throughout the process. If you’re in the Loveland, CO area, this is the team to call to save you headaches and money, and allow you to enjoy your house again.

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