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Signs You Need to Call a Plumber

There are some household situations that are clear indicators you need to call in professional help. Don’t wait too long, because some of these warning signs indicate a major problem. The longer you wait, the worse the damage could be. But don’t worry, a professional plumber has the training and the toolkit to figure out exactly what needs to happen. They can determine whether you need a new part or just servicing.

Here are some signs that you might need to call a plumber.

Dripping Shower

If your showerhead is constantly dripping, and you’ve double-checked the faucets, then it might be time to call a plumber. There are a lot of reasons why your shower might be dripping. A plumber can help suss out possible reasons and figure out the right solution. One possibility is that it’s a leaky pipe. This could be somewhere in the wall or somewhere less obvious. Another possibility is that the showerhead itself is old and falling apart. This can allow leaks to get through. One more reason is that the caulking or seal is no longer functioning properly.

Not only is a dripping shower annoying, but it can result in several annoying outcomes. One is that you waste money on the water bill. The second is that a constant drip can actually leave stains on the bottom of the shower if left for long enough. Avoid these by calling in someone who can do plumbing from Loveland at the first sign of dripping.

Slow Toilet Flush

Toilets are used by everyone every day, and yet nobody likes to get their hands inside the tank to see what’s wrong. A slow toilet flush could be a sign that you need to call a plumber. Sometimes, it’s a simple connective problem in the tank between the drain mechanism or the flush handle. This could mean a chain replacement or a new part, which a plumber can take care of for you. Many parts are generic and interchangeable, but it’s important to get an expert to double-check so you don’t order a part that doesn’t fit.

Sometimes a slow toilet flush means a problem with the tank itself or the connective pipes. Call plumbing services in Loveland to take a look and make sure your toilet will keep working.

Moisture Under the Sink

Bathrooms are normally quite damp, so a little moisture under the sink might not seem like a very big deal. Unfortunately, this is a common mistake that many people make. A small leak now can come back to bite you later. Moisture under the sink could be the result of a tiny tear in a pipe or attachment piece. The longer that this hole goes unpatched, the bigger it will get. One day, it could even fall off and result in a flood.

If you store anything under your sink, which many people do, then you need to be especially careful of moisture under the sink. Call a plumber to examine your pipes. They can bring replacement parts as well as tape and other patching supplies to plug up holes in the meantime.

Stuff Coming Up the Drains

This is a really bad sign and you should definitely call a plumber if anything starts to back up the drain. This can happen in both the shower and the sink and it usually indicates some sort of problem with your sewage system. No matter what kind of muck is coming out the drain, you should immediately call for sewer line repair in Loveland. Usually, there’s some kind of backup in your system and it’s an overflow situation. If you don’t catch it soon enough, it can result in very costly damage to your home and yard.

Don’t hesitate to call a plumber if stuff is coming up your drains. They will be able to tell you what needs to happen, and sooner is better than later for this particular scenario.

Clogged Drain

A clogged drain is really unpleasant. Most people let clogged drains continue on for weeks and months, just accepting the annoyance as part of daily life. This is a mistake. The longer you wait to figure out what is causing the clog, the worse the situation will get. More and more stuff will get stuck on the drain and create an even bigger buildup. If it’s really bad, then you’ll need to call for sewer line replacement in Loveland to solve the problem.

This can be a costly but essential fix if you let it go on too long. Instead, bring in someone who can do plumbing services from Loveland and they can tell you how to solve the problem quickly.

Bad Water Pressure

You might need to call a plumber if the water pressure is bad in your sink or shower. This is usually a problem with the aerator, and a plumber can easily go into examine the problem first-hand. Some kind of blockage is usually the culprit. But aerators are finicky and it’s best to call a qualified plumber to fix the problem. They can determine if you need a new part or if a simple cleaning will do the trick.

If you want to take a first look yourself then be sure that you know how to put everything back together again. Lots of people think they can handle low-grade household projects alone but when it comes time to reassemble everything, they get stuck. Don’t put yourself in a situation where you try to fix a toilet in the middle of the night and then can’t put it back together again. Everyone in your household will be miserable without a working toilet. Instead, call a plumber who can quickly and easily tell you what’s wrong and solve the problem.

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