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When Do You Need a Plumber

The DIY movement is one that comes from a noble place, the idea of trying to save money while learning more about how your house works at the same time. However, there’s a fine line to it, and plumbing is generally the last place that you want to try and do your own work. The reason for this is that a plumbing mistake not only can result in personal harm, but also additional property damage and massive repair bills. Because of this, even if there’s just the hint of an issue, you’re better off calling a professional than trying to fix things yourself. So, here are some of the telltale and subtle signs you need excavating contractors in Loveland or plumbers.

Jobs Where You Need Help

One of the first signs that something’s wrong with the plumbing system in your home is a lack of water pressure. The constant dribbling from sinks and showers can be frustrating to see, and what makes it more frustrating is that it’s impossible for the layman to get to the root issue. An obstruction in your pipe, outdated pipe design, or issues out of your control, like troubles with the local water supply, can all factor in. Trying to fix the issue yourself can lead to damaging your home water lines further, so just call a plumber to find the source and solution for the problem.

A similar issue where there’s little that you can do alone is when you find that there's a lack of hot water in the home. Most of the time, the water heater is the culprit This may be something a simple repair can fix, or you may need a water heater replacement in Berthoud. It’s important to remember that a water heater runs off of both your electrical and gas systems. This means that they are one of the last things you want to tinker around with yourself due to potential damage to your home and yourself.

Another of the more common situations that you may need to call a plumber in for is repeated backups in your pipes, especially across different appliances (the sink, the toilet, etc.). These serve as common signs that you have a blocked sewer line. The lines generally get blocked up due to tree roots, the buildup of sediment inside the line, or other items being flushed that aren’t designed to be flushed. Some people recommend fixing these blockages themselves through chemicals or machines, but these aren’t guaranteed to work by any means. This is especially important for broken sewer lines, which can expose your property to raw sewage if handled improperly.

Sometimes, the situation is more dire, and you need to have the line replaced outright. Naturally, you know if you need a sewer line replacement in Berthoud, that this isn’t something you can do with your set of home tools and determination.

Burst pipes may be more of a winter phenomenon, but it’s a good idea to have a plan in place any time of year. Most of the time, a burst pipe happens when frozen water in the line ends up expanding while causing the pipe to break. When this happens, you have to deal with flooding and water damage restoration. A plumber can help cut down on this damage by targeting the affected pipe and working on it right away. In addition, a plumber is a great referral source if you need additional work fixing your drywall, foundation, or flooring afterwards.

As a final note, there are also going to be situations where there’s nothing technically wrong with the house, but that you still need a plumber anyway. Namely, anytime you need to install a new major appliance or fixture, you want a professional on your side. The reason for this is that large-scale renovations often involve changing layout as well as moving appliances. This means you need to move the supply lines and drains. People who try to do this themselves generally not only expose themselves to damaging their other work, but having to pay for expensive repairs on top of that.

Signs Of Trouble

In some cases, there may be bizarre symptoms that don’t necessarily even register as a plumbing problem at first, but indeed represent problems that only a plumber can solve. A good example of this is a sudden sulfur or sewage odor. This can represent a broken vent or pipe under the house. Even aside from the smell, this isn’t the type of thing you want to leave untouched, as it can lead to environmental problems and damage to your house’s foundation.

A similar sign of trouble worth listening out for is a gurgling noise when you use an appliance like the toilet, washing machine, or dishwasher. Generally, this is the first sign of a drain that’s getting clogged or otherwise blocked. Generally, you hear this noise when the system is trying to find air. Gurgling is especially concerning if you hear the noise during a shower or while washing the dishes. Make sure you cut the water off right away to avoid the risk of the water coming back into the house.

Equally important to keep an ear out for is the sound of water running through your pipes, if no one’s using it at the time. This could represent a leak. Left unchecked, water leaks could lead to damage as well as the growth of mold and mildew inside the home. Take a look at key spots like your ceilings, walls, and floors to see if you find any wet or brown spots. It’s worth it to check if the spots are warm as well, as this may represent a leak in the water line. Letting the plumber know about this could cut down how long it takes them to figure out where the drip is starting from.

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