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When to Replace Water Heater?

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

Water Heater Replacement

Routine maintenance can expand the life of a water heater, but it is good to know when water heater replacement is needed in Loveland.

Water heater replacement may be needed in Loveland for the following reasons:

Leaks: Sometimes, older water heaters leak around the base of the tank.

Age: Water heaters may need to be replaced if they are older than 8-12 years. This also depends on the water heater’s design, how well it was installed, regular preventative maintenance, and where it is located in the building.

Energy Cost: Newer water heaters tend to be much more energy efficient than older models. This can save the homeowner hundreds in energy costs over the span of a year.

Common Water Heater Issues

Some issues can be resolved without replacing the entire water heater. Some common issues, such as sediment settling at the bottom of the tank, can be resolved by simply draining the tank. If a water heater is leaking from the water supply pipes or pressure-relief valve, those specific parts may need to be replaced instead of the entire unit.

If the water heater is electric, common issues include:

● Power cord is disconnected

● temperature needs to be raised on the thermostat

● Thermostat needs to be reset

● Thermostat needs to be replaced

● Heating element needs to be replaced

● Sediment can settle at the bottom of the tank. This can be resolved by flushing the water heater

● Hot water pipes need to be insulated

If the water heater is gas powered, common issues include:

● Gas is disconnected

● Temperature needs to be raised on thermostat

● Pilot light is not lit

● Hot water pipes need to be insulated

● Thermocoupler needs to be replaced

● The gas burner needs to be cleaned

● Sediment can settle at the bottom of the tank. This can be resolved by flushing the water heater

Important Water Heater Maintenance

Newer water heater models do not require much maintenance, but performing the required maintenance can extend the water heater’s life. Routinely lift the pressure-relief valve’s handle, then allow it to snap back. If it does not release water into the overflow drainpipe, the valve needs replacement. Keep the thermostat temperature setting at 120 degrees Fahrenheit to reduce overheating. Twice a year, it is also very important to drain the water heater to increase efficiency and prevent corrosion.

Hiring a Water Heater Repairman

It is important to hire the right service when needing a water heater replacement in Loveland, Colorado. A customer should ensure that the water heater technicians are highly trained and able to walk them through the entire water heater replacement process in addition to the available replacement options.

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