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10 Common Home Drainage Problems and How to Prevent Them

Drainage issues come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. We’ve all experienced some sort of issue with the drainage systems in our homes. Whether it’s a clogged toilet, backed sewage system, or leaking pipes, these problems can occur in residential and commercial properties.

If your problem isn’t that severe or you’re hesitant to look-up plumbing services in Loveland, many drainage issues can be solved with the right tools found at any hardware store in your area. Every homeowner should have a plunger and drain augers on hand for quick DIY solutions. However, if you encounter a more complicated issue, you may need to source a plumber in your area. Regardless of the drainage problem you face, ignoring it will make the matter worse as time passes. Prevention is always the key, so here are some of the top drainage issues to look out for, tips for preventing them from surfacing.

1. Dripping faucet

We’ve all experienced the annoying sound of a dripping faucet. It’s not only a source of irritation in your home or business, but the amount of water waste can result in your water bills skyrocketing. A leaking faucet can drip away hundreds of gallons of water over a year if not fixed.

Many things can lead to leaking or dripping faucets. Leaks from the seals or washers caused by overuse can result in your faucets and showerheads leaking. If you own your home or business, this can not only lead to a lot of water waste but also damages to your fixtures in the long run. Take control of your water bills by preventing damage to your internal washers with some necessary DIY skills and the right tools.

2. Slow drain

Typically the result of a drain blockage somewhere, resulting in your sinks taking longer to drain water. This issue could be from food remnants or congealed fat getting stuck in the pipes in kitchens sinks. In your bathroom sinks, the blockage could be the result of too much-tangled hair and soap. Maintenance tips may include using a plunger or using a DIY soda and vinegar solution and pouring it down the drain. Various quality plumbers can tackle even the most challenging drainage blocks for more complex problems with your drains or plumbing in Loveland.

3. Clogged drains

Clogged drains are probably one of the most common issues faced in both commercial and residential properties. From apartment toilets to restaurant kitchen drains, this seemingly minor issue can quickly become a severe problem if not looked after right away.

Without proper maintenance, clogged drains can lead to other drains in your home or business to back up. Over time, this can result in flooding or water shortages. Investing in drain screens is an efficient way to step-up your prevention measures at home or work. By keeping up with regular maintenance and cleaning, will go a long way towards better usage habits.

4. Faulty water heater

Another common issue is when your water never seems to heat up enough, which can mean a problem with your water heater. Due to increased usage, many commercial properties require more than just your standard home maintenance. Either way, it can be tricky to solve the problem yourself. Water heaters are complicated and, without proper care, can lead to severe issues like electrical outages or drastic fluctuations in temperatures. It’s best to reach out to a professional to make sure your water heater is functioning correctly.

5. Burst pipes

Over time, pipes become old and brittle, especially if you live in an area with hard water or corrosive metals eating away at the lines’ material. Either way, if your pipes burst, it can be a costly and hazardous issue to fix. Having a significant leak is hard enough to resolve, but when your pipes burst, this can also reduce water pressure. In some cases, burst pipes can lead to contaminants getting into the water supply. Contacting your local plumbing services in Loveland for inspections is recommended to ensure your pipes are in good working conditions.

6. Low water pressure

As mentioned above, burst pipes or other types of leaks can lead to low water pressure. For this reason, you must clean your pipes regularly to avoid sediment and mineral build-up from occurring. Low water pressure can also result from your water meter not being fully opened or from some other current drainage repair you’ve recently completed.

7. Sewer system backed up

Most of us don’t think about the sewage systems that run beneath our properties. But, if they become faulty or backed up, resulting in a nightmare. It can be very smelly and expensive to undergo a sewer line replacement in Loveland. It can also cause many disruptions and problems in your home like foundation cracks, insect and critter infestations, or flooding in your yard. While it isn’t ideal for sewer line repair in Loveland, contacting a plumber is the easiest way to correctly inspect and resolve the problem.

8. Running toilet

The most common reason for this drainage issue is a broken or faulty flapper valve. If not fixed, a running toilet can lead to over 200 gallons of water wasted each day. In most cases, the problem can easily be fixed by picking up a toilet repair kit from your local hardware store.

However, a more complicated reason could be from sediments getting in the tank and affecting its ability to flush or fill correctly. Aside from hearing the running toilet issue, if you notice your water bill is getting surprisingly high, you may water to check your toilets for possible leaks. A handy trick is to add a little food coloring to the upper tank and watch to see if it moves to your bowl without flushing.

From carrying water to transporting the waste, nobody likes to deal with clogged drainage pipes. Not only can they be very messy, but for those with larger homes or commercial properties, the cost to fix these problems also comes with a hefty price tag. If you’re not able to resolve the issue using some of these DIY tips or your own tools, calling a professional plumber is the next best thing.

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