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Home Maintenance For the Winter

Colder months are almost here, and that means lots of family fun during the holidays. It is also a very challenging time for homeowners as the inclement weather in certain parts of the world can wreak havoc on their properties. Ensuring that your properties are ready for winter will give you peace of mind when the snow storms start rolling in. You want to take the appropriate precautions and plan ahead while making these renovations as waiting till the last minute could become more costly, and you surely don’t want to be doing maintenance in freezing temperatures.

Here are some room-by-room ideas of how to prep your house for the colder months.


These are two of the most commonly used spaces in any home. The kitchen serves as more than just a space to consume meals, it is where families gather and memories are built. Because of this, the kitchen becomes an area where there is constant transit of people.

If your family is not accustomed to removing their footwear after entering the house, the floor of your kitchen could pay the price. You want to make sure that the materials used for your kitchen floor are not damaged. If you are using linoleum or vinyl, you can buy a protective coating product. During the winter months, footwear will most likely be filled with salt or snow melting chemicals that can damage your floors.

If you have windows on your kitchen, have a professional check if they are insulating the room, you don’t want to be the owner of a cold kitchen. If your kitchen has a ventilation system on top of the stove, it’s good to check if it’s working properly before winter comes. Any breakages in the system could mean that cold air infiltrates the room.

The pipes in your sinks are also worth taking a look at. Colder weather can damage pipes that are not made from appropriate materials. Plumbing services in Loveland are a great option as you don’t want to take any chances when it comes to your kitchen. A professional will know exactly what needs to be replaced.


The bathrooms are another frequently used room that should be given careful maintenance before winter. The first thing to check is if your ventilation systems are working properly. Even if you have a window, you won’t want to keep it open when the colder months hit. A reliable ventilation system is also your best bet to reduce the chances of mold forming up in the bathroom. These rooms are especially prone to these issues as they are exposed to a significant amount of humidity. If your walls are covered with wallpaper, you can replace it with a more appropriate material such as tiles. You can also paint the walls with anti-mold paint.

Request plumbing services in Loveland if you suspect that work may need to be done on the sink, toilet or showers. These items need to be running smoothly during the colder months, so it’s best to have a professional do an inspection. If items in your bathroom are giving you trouble and there is leaking or constant clogging, you could need to find someone to help you with sewer line repair in Loveland. External factors such as falling leaves and branches can clog up water distribution lines and create more significant issues for you.


When prepping bedrooms for winter, your primary focus should be the heating system. Turn on the heating and do a quick inspection of every room to find out if it’s working correctly. It’s a good idea to use a thermometer when you do this. This way, you can accurately measure if the rooms are at the right temperature.

Check for cracks in the windows as this is where cold air can filter in. Replace any cracked windows and make sure that they are insulating the room appropriately.


This is an essential room during the winter months as it is likely to contain your heating system. Have a professional do an inspection to assure that it won’t let you down during colder weather. This may also be an excellent time to replace it if it’s too old.

Many water lines run beneath the basement. If you detect any of them are leaking, contact plumbing services in Loveland to help you evaluate the situation. You want to ensure that mold isn’t being built up in the room as a consequence of humidity. If you are worried that your pipes may be too old or that you are at risk of flooding, you can seek the help of a professional that deals with sewer line replacement in Loveland. This is a much more serious issue, but it’s a repair that you want to have done on time.

Living Room

The living room of your house has to be ready for all your holiday celebrations. Before winter, make sure that it’s receiving enough heating so that it’s nice and toasty for your family gatherings. Another consideration you want to take is to coat the floors with a protective screen. Wooden floors are very susceptible to damage from products that are used for melting snow. If you have a fireplace in your living room, you can do an inspection to make sure that the chimney isn’t blocked with branches or that animals have not made their nests on top of it. Lighting up a blocked fireplace can be unpleasant and very dangerous.

The winter months are a very special time of the year. Families will want to make sure that their houses are well equipped to withstand whatever the season throws at them. Following these recommendations can make a big difference so that you’re only thought this winter is how much fun you can enjoy with your loved ones.

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