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Signs That a Sewer Line Needs to be Replaced

Sewer pipes over two decades old are prone to failure. Lines could be damaged prematurely, however, by cracks, misaligned connections, or tree roots. It is very important to prevent plumbing from reaching the point of complete failure. If a sewer line fails, repair costs will be tremendously higher than preventative maintenance. If a problem is not realized soon enough, additional repairs such as wall replacement, carpet replacement, and foundation repair may be needed. Early detection is key to saving an owner’s house or business and wallet.

Slow Draining and Backups

A slow drain may signify that a blockage is forming in the sewer line. This could eventually lead to a backup. If all sinks and tubs continue to backup or drain slowly even after attempts have been made to clear the line, this could be a sign that sewer lines are deteriorated or broken.

Green Grass

Sewage is a natural fertilizer. If a sewage leak is present underground, it will result in extra lush grass growth in a yard. This could mean that a sewer line replacement is needed in Loveland.

Waste Puddles

An apparent sign of a broken sewer line is a puddle of wastewater that gathers in a yard. The problem is generally located directly underneath the pool of water.

Mold and Unpleasant Smell

A damaged sewer line within a wall can cause humidity levels to rise. This can create the perfect environment for mold growth. Another sign of a crack in the sewer system is a sewer gas smell. If mold is accompanied by an unpleasant sewer odor, a break is likely.

Indented Lawn

A cracked sewer line saturates the soil around it and causes it to erode. This may cause a dip in a lawn above where the sewer line is located.

Rats, Roaches, and Flies

Rodents are able to squeeze through even the tiniest of cracks in sewage pipes. Cockroaches and flies are able to fit through even smaller cracks. A rat or insect problem could be a symptom of damaged sewage lines.

Extreme Symptoms

Settlement, cracks, and sinkholes in a home’s foundation can occur if a sewer pipe leak goes untreated for an extended period of time. If any of these more extreme symptoms occur, a sewage leak is highly likely.


It is important that the home or business owner is informed of the above symptoms if a sewer line replacement is needed in Loveland,, Colorado. Older lines will ultimately need to be replaced, regardless of the recommended preventative maintenance. Early replacement can save an owner a substantial amount in repair costs and should be done as soon as possible when needed.

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